The Bond & Override Moves Madison Forward!

On November 5th, 2019 Madison School District is seeking voter approval for bond & override measures. A bond is a fiscally responsible financing tool used by schools to fund projects that have a long lifespan – and it doesn’t raise your tax rates. A maintenance and operations override helps school districts pay for things such as teacher salaries, classroom supplies, and transportation. This year’s request is simply an extension of the override voters already approved in 2015.

Keep reading to see what your YES vote will mean for our Madison community and its students, parents, and teachers!


Secure Buildings

Students, teachers, and parents all deserve to be safe and secure while at school. A YES vote will centralize security across all campuses and improve communication systems. Interior and exterior windows and doors will be secured, and fences will be replaced.

Invest in Teachers

Our teachers are the backbone of our schools. A YES vote will allow our district to recruit and retain highly qualified teachers by being able to offer competitive salaries and support services.

Upgrade Technology

To ensure our kids have modern technology at their fingertips, a YES vote would fund needed network upgrades and keep the tablets and pads current.

A Program for Every Student

Programs like International Baccalaureate, Spanish Immersion, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) and REACH (Rigorous, Enriched, Accelerated Curriculum for the Highly Gifted) will continue to be funded with your YES vote.

Improve Traffic Flow

Pickup and dropoff congestion will be eased through infrastructure upgrades that will help improve traffic flow around certain schools. Vote YES to see these improvements made.

Modernize Classrooms

A YES vote will help fund innovative and effective classrooms that are highly energy-efficient and designed to ensure today's learners are well-prepared for the opportunities of tomorrow.


Senator Lela Alston

Senator Kate Brophy McGee

Representative Kelli Butler

Representative Aaron Lieberman

Representative Amish Shah

Representative Jennifer Longdon

Sue Gerard
Former GOP legislator and Madison parent/grandparent

Deb Gullett
Former GOP legislator and Madison parent

Josh Garcia
VP Miracle Mile Deli and Madison parent

Dr. Rishi Popat
Local business owner and Madison parent

Barton Dunn
Local business owner and Madison parent

Denise Dunn
Madison parent

Dr. Dan Blue and Dr. Anne Hammi Blue
Local business owner and Madison parent

Leigh Goldstein
Partner organization coach and Madison parent

Brigitte Rapatz

Julie Peterson
Former private school parent, former Meadows and PATS President (now an empty nester)

Anna Andrews
President, Madison School District Teachers Association

Susan Biegner
Private school parent

I Support Madison Schools!